Screens of tomorrow: a guide
for content driving change

Screens of Tomorrow is a movement initiated in early 2022 by a hundred French audiovisual and film professionals who want to tell stories that highlight a more inclusive and sustainable society in their fictions. Together, they created a guide to help industry professionals question the role social and environmental issues play in the stories they tell.

The guide was adapted and updated in 2023 by professionals in the video game industry (studios, publishers, associations and experts). It allows to reflect upon the representations conveyed by video games and their environmental impact without being dogmatic or hindering creativity.

This non-profit collective approach was initiated by Sparknews (the organisation behind the Screens of Tomorrow audiovisual movement) in partnership with the French National Video Game Union (SNJV) and the support of the French National Agency for Ecological Transition (ADEME).

The guide

This guide can be used for all types of games. These games retain the codes of successful games and help to raise public awareness by normalising sustainable and inclusive behaviours.

This guide is intended for creative teams as well as those occupying publishing and support roles. It includes a questionnaire and resource centre to promote dialogue between teams, so everyone can take action within their own context as part of a collective, industry-wide approach.

The two-part guide first prompts users to reflect upon the creative elements that can enrich a game’s narrative and gameplay while helping to develop new references for players. Next, it addresses the environmental and social responsibility of studios and games to limit their impact.

The resource centre

This resource centre allows you to deepen your knowledge of social and environmental issues and how they are represented or addressed within your industry. It provides access to a non-exhaustive library of reports and studies that address these issues. It also introduces tools, organisations and experts you can call upon to take the next step.

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With the support of

Aude Mazereau

Lead Game Designer – Production at Gameloft

Thomas Planques

Co-founder of Game Impact

Pascal Sontag

Director of Communications at Gameloft

Emmanuel Obert

Chief Content Officer at New Tales

Louise Le Guen

Communications Manager at Lightbulb Crew

Laura Driancourt

Chief Executive Officer of Projet Adelphité

Guillaume Le Bris

Expert in digital eco-design and technical design at GLB SSD

Pierre Forest

Chief Executive Officer of Gamesplanet

Judith Tripard

HR and CSR Manager at Oh BiBi

Mickael dell’Ova

Senior Player Experience Designer and founder of the EthicALL Game Jam at EthicALL Games

Naïla Bayou

Creative Producer at Focus Entertainment

Arnaud Fayolle

Art Director at Ubisoft Positive Play and IGDA Climate SIG Co-Chair

Anna Bressan

Artistic director, teacher and Secretary of Women in Games France

David Rabineau

Chairman of Homo Ludens

Jérôme Cattenot

Artistic Director & Co-Founder, DOWiNO

Catherine Rolland

Project Manager for the École polytechnique Science and Video Games Chair & Student at CNAM-ENJMIN

Jennifer Lufau

Consultant Marketing & Inclusion in video games and Founder of Afrogameuses

Mickaël Newton

Ingame Social Innovation Manager at Ubisoft

Erwan Le Breton

Chairman of Hawkswell Studios

Valérie Martin

Head of the Citizen Mobilisation and Media Department at ADEME (French Environment and Energy Management Agency)

Louis-Raphaël Malbois

Project Manager at the French National Video Game Union

Caroline de Chantérac

Director of Culture Programmes at Sparknews

Alma Gavazzi

Culture Projects Manager at Sparknews

Sandra de Bailliencourt

Executive for impact & innovative businesses

Vanessa Kaplan

Director of Operations at the French National Video Game Union